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Vico Khang

Vico bring over 5+ years experience in the digital marketing space having managed over $1,000,000 in advertising budget.

Vico has entrepreneurial spirit, innovative approach, and forward-thinking nature drives the success of clients campaigns. Vico is here to lead your marketing team to victory.

Meet The Team

Ankita Mankotia- Chief Marketing Officer

Ankita brings a strong background in small business development and enterprise-level marketing. In addition, to starting numerous businesses of his own, he's played a pivotal role in scaling multiple businesses around the world utilising highly effective growth marketing strategies.

Tyrone Abaday- Senior Sale Consultant

Tyrone has been a Project Manager for three start-ups, he brings organisation to a whole new level with his meticulous attention to detail with a respect to daily operations and client fulfilment. He's here to make sure things run smoothly and does a tremendous job doing so.

AJ Avelino - Customer Satisfaction

AJ has a history of working in verse roles at multiple marketing agencies. A thoughtful and active listener, she strives to help business owners address their biggest needs with a holistic approach.

Helping Jewellers Scaling Their Business With Our Proven Proprietary System....

Lippitts Manufacturing Jewellers
"We do appreciate every lead that comes through and we follow up on every lead. We definitely see that there's an increase in business for us." 
Tiara Lippitts- [Co-Owner]

Local Jeweller In Adelaide, South Australia.

Nick Vrettas Jewels
"Through Vico's efforts, I am able to generate a lot of leads, a lot of interests, and in fact, these are really good leads. These are people who interested in purchasing jewellery."
Nick Vrettas- [Owner]

Local Jeweller In Melbournce, Victoria.

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