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Our Proven Customers GENERATION System Help

This Agent Get $150K Worth Of Business Opportunies In 7 Days

Vico Khang

Vico bring over 5+ years experience in the digital marketing space having managed over $1,000,000 in advertising budget.

Vico has entrepreneurial spirit, innovative approach, and forward-thinking nature drives the success of clients campaigns. Vico is here to lead your marketing team to victory.

Trusted By Leading National & International Offices

Meet The Team

Ankita Mankotia- Chief Marketing Officer

Ankita brings a strong background in small business development and enterprise-level marketing. In addition, to starting numerous businesses of her own, she's played a pivotal role in scaling multiple businesses around the world utilising highly effective growth marketing strategies.

Tyrone Abaday- Senior Sale Consultant

Tyrone has been a Project Manager for three start-ups, he brings organisation to a whole new level with his meticulous attention to detail with a respect to daily operations and client fulfilment. He's here to make sure things run smoothly and does a tremendous job doing so.

AJ Avelino - Customer Satisfaction

AJ has a history of working in verse roles at multiple marketing agencies. A thoughtful and active listener, she strives to help business owners address their biggest needs with a holistic approach.

Helping Agents & Brokers Scale with Our Proven proprietary System....

Real Estate Raja

"These are good quality leads, leads that I could chase up & nurture."

Peter Raja-[Owner]

Local Agent, Victoria.

Yellow Brick Road Coburg & Brunswick

"You guys get onto it straight away, before I even know it's happening."

Andrew Fortelny-[Owner]

Local Broker, Victoria.

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